Happy New Year!

Hey kids,
I read a great piece in the paper this morning – actually, two – about the rituals around the revolution of one year to the next (one pro, one con). This brings one to thinking about how the year’s been, and what the next may hold.

It’s been a great year, thanks to many people. My Person, fans of live music, VIA Rail, many good (and many new) friends, and many supportive clients, bosses, colleagues, and peers. THANK YOU.

I’ve had some really good news about new partnerships for the coming year, things that are booking up, songs coming in, radiolike, ready to emerge. This is gonna be another great year. There is much to celebrate.

I’ll leave you for now with a video, kindly supplied by my friends Andy and Ariana, of a performance at Wolfville, Nova Scotia’s excellent series The Night Kitchen. An amazing song by Chris Wood that I’ve been obsessing over for some time. I hopoe you like it as much as I do.

Thank you. Happy New Year. See ya on the road.



It’s been a good year.

Summary of 2009-2010:

– Booked and hosted ‘Sing for Your Supper’ songwriters’ circle every Saturday @ The Carleton for a year.

– Side guy clients: Sean Ashby, Old Man Luedecke, Steven Bowers, Norma MacDonald, Christina Martin, Charlie A’Court, Gillian Boucher, Kim Wempe, Carmel Mikol, Charlie A’Court, Ryan MacGrath

– Successful Bringin’ It Home Tour with Steven Bowers, Norma MacDonald, Christina Martin, and Thom Swift.


– Composed, Produced, Arranged and Performed by Kev Corbett (see kevcorbett.com/liner-notes).

– Soft launched new album from Main Stage of Lunenburg Folk Fest.

– Paused for 5-week tour of Germany, Holland, and Switzerland as tour support for Jennifer Roland

– Officially launched new album Jan 16th 2010 @ Company House in Halifax.

– Positive meetings with International One-on-One delegates at ECMA 2009, 2010. Still following up on heels of four months on the road.

– Booked and completed 2-month 35-date cross-Canada tour

– Radio play resulted in Top 25 Folk/Roots of 2009 chart placement in Kamloops BC, Earshot National Folk/Roots #3 the week of Christmas 2009, play on 20 something stations, regional and national plays on CBC 1, 2, and 3.

– Was CBCr3 track of the day on April 15, 2010.
– featured artist on Sonicbids.com for September 2010

– Opened for Stephen Fearing at my top rooms in the country for my style: London Music Club, Black Sheep, Peterborough Collegiate, Cafe Rhythm, and Hugh’s Room.

Radio Support:
CBCr3 track of the day on April 15, 2010 – Cheese & Whiskey
CBC Radio 1, 2, and 3 plays in various markets.
Campus support – #3 Earshot Folk/Roots Chart Nov&Dec 2009
featured on Q104’s Route 104
featured on Tell the Band to go Home
8 weeks chart at 92.5 the X – C/C radio at Thompson Rivers U, Kamloops, BC
featured on various CKDU 88.1 Halifax shows
played on all ‘regional feature shows (East Coast Kitchen Party, etc)

– Goals:

– Video for ‘Cheese and Whiskey’
– Home Routes tour, early 2011 (booked)
– begin planning for UK, Australia
– secure a label arrangement
– begin demoing for next record in early 2011

How it’s been:

Feb TBA, 2011 Home Routes Tour
Oct 22, 2010 The Rose and Thistle St John’s, NL
Oct 21, 2010 The Bull and Barrel St John’s, NL
Oct 20, 2010 The Ship Inn St John’s, NL
Oct 19, 2010 The Grapevine St John’s, NL
Oct 14, 2010 OCFF Ottawa, ON
Oct 15, 2010 OCFF Ottawa, ON (Groundswell Room Showcase)
Oct 16, 2010 OCFF Ottawa, ON (Youth Mentor Program Showcase)
Oct 17, 2010 OCFF Ottawa, ON
Oct 8, 2010 House Concert Oakville, ON
Oct 7, 2010 House Concert Kingston, ON
Oct 3, 2010 House Concert Sudbury, ON
Oct 2, 2010 House Concert North Bay, ON
Sept 22, 2010 The Company House Halifax, NS
Sept 17, 2010 House Concert Amherst, NS
Sept 14, 2010 The Carleton Halifax, NS


Aug 28, 2010 The Dunk Breadalbane PEI
Jul 26, 2010 Victoria Playhouse Victoria PE
Jul 4, 2010 StanFest, s/g w/ Lynne Hanson, Irish Mythen
Jul 3, 2010 StanFest, s/g w/ Lynne Hanson, Irish Mythen
Jul 2, 2010 StanFest, s/g w/ Lynne Hanson, Irish Mythen
Jun 11, 2010 Tantramar Theatre Amherst, NS
May 29, 2010 London Music Club London, ON op. for Stephen Fearing
May 28, 2010 Hugh’s Room Toronto, ON op. for Stephen Fearing
May 27, 2010 Cafe Rhythm Cannington, ON op. for Stephen Fearing
May 26, 2010 Black Sheep Inn Wakefield, QC op. for Stephen Fearing
May 7, 2010 AMP Festival Wolfville, NS


Apr 29, 2010 The Company House Halifax, NS
Apr 29, 2010 VIA Rail train activity car
Apr 28, 2010 VIA Rail train activity car
Apr 27, 2010 VIA Rail train activity car
Apr 26, 2010 VIA Rail train activity car
Apr 25, 2010 VIA Rail train activity car
Apr 24, 2010 VIA Rail train activity car
Apr 21, 2010 Treehouse Cafe Salt Spring Island BC
Apr 20, 2010 Bluebird North Vancouver, BC
Apr 17, 2010 The Art We Are Kamloops, BC
Apr 16, 2010 Fibonacci Cafe Penticton, NS
Apr 15, 2010 Cocoa-Nut Lounge Nelson, BC
Apr 11, 2010 Railway Club Vancouver, BC
Apr 9, 2010 Wild Heather Books Ucluelet, BC
Apr 8, 2010 Joe’s Garage Courtney, BC
Apr 3, 2010 House Concert Victoria, BC
Apr 2, 2010 Duncan Garage Showroom Duncan, BC
Apr 1, 2010 Cocoa Nymph Chocolates Vancouver, BC
Mar 30, 2010 VIA Rail train activity car
Mar 29, 2010 VIA Rail train activity car
Mar 28, 2010 House Concert Twin Butte, AB
Mar 26, 2010 The Artery Edmonton, AB
Mar 25, 2010 VIA Rail train activity car
Mar 24, 2010 VIA Rail train activity car
Mar 23, 2010 House Concert Winnipeg, NS
Mar 20, 2010 Sam’s Place Winnipeg, MB
Mar 19, 2010 VIA Rail train activity car
Mar 18, 2010 VIA Rail train activity car
Mar 16, 2010 C’est What Toronto, NS
Mar 15, 2010 Jimmy Jazz Guelph, ON
Mar 12, 2010 Freeway Coffeehouse Hamilton, NS
Mar 11, 2010 The Troubadour Toronto, ON
Mar 10, 2010 The Moonshine Cafe Oakville, ON
Mar 9, 2010 Burritoville Montreal, QC
Mar 8, 2010 VIA Rail train activity car

Mar 7, 2010 ECMA Sydney, NS
Mar 6, 2010 ECMA – 3 shows on s/g w/ Kim Wempe, 1 with Gill Boucher
Mar 5, 2010 ECMA Roots Room Showcase, plus sideguying with Carmel Mikol and Gillian Boucher
Mar 4, 2010 ECMA Sydney, NS
Feb 12, 2010 op. for Jill Barber Halifax, NS
Feb 11, 2010 op. for Jill Barber Lunenburg, NS
Feb 10, 2010 op. for Jill Barber Truro, NS
Jan 30, 2010 In the Dead of Winter Halifax NS
Jan 29, 2010 In the Dead of Winter Halifax NS
Jan 28, 2010 In the Dead of Winter Halifax NS
Jan 27, 2010 In the Dead of Winter Halifax NS
Jan 26, 2010 In the Dead of Winter Halifax NS
Jan 24, 2010 Bridge St Cafe Sackville NB
Jan 23, 2010 Mason Jar Sussex ,NB
Jan 22, 2010 Kennedy Inn St Andrew’s NB
Jan 21, 2010 Plan B Moncton NB
Jan 20, 2010 The Carleton Halifax, NS
Jan 18, 2010 Seahorse Tavern Halifax NS

Jan 17, 2010 *featured artist, Route 104 on Q104 Halifax*

Jan 16, 2010 *CD RELEASE* The Company House Halifax, NS

Nov 28, 2010 Lunenburg Winery Petite Riviere, NS
Nov 26, 2009 Rose & Kettle Sessions Cole Hbr, NS


*During this tour, SOARB hits #3 on the Earshot Folk/Roots Chart*

Oct 17, 2009 OCFF Ottawa, ON
Oct 16, 2009 OCFF Ottawa, ON (ECMA Stage Showcase)
Oct 15, 2009 OCFF Ottawa, ON
Oct 7th, 2010 s/g w/ Sean Ashby @ Carleton Hfx, NS
Oct 6, 2009 SAC Song Circle Moncton, NS
Oct 1, 2009 sideguying w/ Norma MacDonald @ the Company House Halifax, NS
Sep 26, 2009 Deep Roots Music Fest Wolfville, NS
Sep 25, 2009 Deep Roots Music Fest Wolfville, NS
Sep 24, 2009 Deep Roots Music Fest Wolfville, NS
Sep 20, 2009 Tall Grass Fest Seaforth, NS
Sep 18, 2009 House Concert Stewiacke, NS
Sep 13, 2009 Teaching Songwriting @ Deep Roots Wolfville
Aug 28, 2009 Tunes @ Noon Halifax, NS
Aug 21, 2009 The Bandshell Amherst, NS
Aug 15, 2009 Shelburne Writers’ Fest Shelburne, NS
Aug 7, 2009 Lunenburg Folk Fest
Aug 6th, 2009 MAINSTAGE Lunenburg Folk Fest
Aug 2, 2009 Riverport Fire Hall Riverport, NS
Aug 1, 2009 s/g w/ Steven Bowers, RiverFest, New Glasgow, NS
July 15, 2009 Live to 5 radio show Stouffville, ON
June 27, 2009 Mo’s Cafe Five Islands, NS
June 25, 2009 s/g w/ Steve Bowers The Carleton Hfx, NS
June 18, 2009 s/g w/ Steve Bowers The Carleton Hfx, NS
June 11, 2009 s/g w/ Steve Bowers The Carleton Hfx, NS
June 10, 2009 s/g w/ Norma MacDonald The Seahorse Hfx, NS
June 5, 2009 Union St. Cafe Berwick, NS
June 4, 2009 s/g w/ Steve Bowers The Carleton Hfx, NS
May 23, 2009 s/g w/ Old Man Luedecke Chester, NS
May 22, 2009 s/g w/ Old Man Luedecke Port Hawkesbury, NS
Apr 11, 2009 Dragonfly Cafe Antigonish, NS
Apr 9, 2009 Savoy Theatre Glace Bay, NS
Apr 4, 2009 Astor Theatre Liverpool, NS
Apr 3, 2009 Chester Playhouse Chester, NS
Apr 2, 2009 Gus’ Pub Halifax, NS
Mar 21, 2009 Little River Folk Petite Riviere, NS
Mar 20, 2009 Evergreen Theatre Margaretsville, NS
Feb 27, 2009 ECMA – SAC Songwriters’ Circle Corner Brook, NL
Feb 20, 2009 Union St. Cafe Berwick, NS
Feb 19, 2009 S/g w/ Norma MacDonald @ Seahorse Hfx, NS
Feb 14, 2009 sideguying w/ Old Man Luedecke Lunenburg, NS
Feb 7, 2009 House Concert Alberton, PE
Feb 3, 2009 sideguying w/ Steven Bowers @ MNS night feature slot @ Seahorse Tavern Halifax, NS
Jan 31, 2009 sideguying w/ Norma MacDonald @ In the Dead of Winter Festival Halifax, NS
Jan 27-31, 2009 In the Dead of Winter (solo and s/g with Ryan MacGrath and Norma MacDonald)
Jan 19, 2009 Sideguying w/ Ryan McGrath – CD Release @ Seahorse Tavern Halifax, NS


Home, sweet home

Hey beauties,

Yup, I’m home. It was great: I owe huge thanks to Via Rail, Dave Carmichael and Melissa Trottier, Stacey Ricker, Greg and Kate Moverley, Adam Faux, Kristy Hollidge, Alain Richer, Claire Rutledge, John Marlatt, James & Jane, JD Edwards, Jessee Havey, Erin Frith, Rachel Sawatzky, the entire Bachand family, Angel Bidinost, Longevity John, Milo-the-other-Joe, Greg & Anita Ross, Wild Heather Books, Stephanie in Nelson, the Art We Are in Kamloops, Fibonacci in Penticton, Shari Ulrich, the Roundhouse, the Treehouse, and Valdy’s Radio Hour. All of you made this possible. And until I can pay it back, I’ll pay it forward. Thank you.

So now, it’s back to normal. I’m practicing, writing, listening to a lot of vinyls, cleaning house. Couple of gigs coming up, more being booked. I’ll put up some vids. Howya been?



 MARCH 1 2010

Kev Corbett | press@kevcorbett.com | (902) 403-5150

Find downloadable high resolution press photos and digital review copies at kevcorbett.com

To book an interview or request a guest list spot, email press@kevcorbett.com

Radio programmers, Son of a Rudderless Boat should be available in your record library or see below to download a review copy

Listings editors, please add to your events listings

The Son of a Rudderless Train tour takes singer-songwriter Kev Corbett from Halifax to Victoria and back, making all regular station stops in between.

(Halifax, NS) – After a sold-out record release show for his second self-produced full-length CD Son of a Rudderless Boat at The Company House in Halifax, And a much-lauded Roots Room showcase at the recent ECMA in Sydney, Kev Corbett is taking his show on the road in a classic Canadian fashion.

    His highly anticipated new album, Son of a Rudderless Boat (Little Red Canon) charted at #3 on the Earshot Folk/Roots in late December. The record features zinger lyrics and a sound that borrows from folk, bluegrass, blues and jazz, without getting too cozy with any of those. Special guests include Old Man Luedecke (That’s All Gone), Meaghan Smith (Deep and Wide, Flowers in my Sidewalk) and Christina Martin (The Driving Song), along with Erin Costelo, Thom Swift, Norma MacDonald and Don Brownrigg among many others.

    Key tracks include the banjo-inflected reggae vibe of That’s All Gone, the exuberant ode to love, food and the love of food Cheese and Whiskey, and the written-while-trapped-under-a-kayak title track, Son of a Rudderless Boat. A mainstage-set preview of the record at the 2009 Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival was the buzz of the weekend.

    The Chronicle Herald said: “It’s probably not easy to sound as comfortable before a microphone as Kev Corbett does, but the Halifax singer-songwriter has a way of making his conversational songs sound immediate and fresh, like the lyrics are spilling forth in a brand new way every time. You can hear hints of the masters, like Kristofferson and Prine, in Corbett’s odes to the good life and one-of-a-kind characters, but his voice is his own and his observations absorbing.”

    Kev Corbett is one of the best of eastern Canada’s bumper crop of fine young songwriters, with confident and compelling turns of phrase, top-notch musicality (Musician of the Year nominee, Nova Scotia Music Awards in 2008), and always entertaining storytelling. He has placed twice in the Telluride Bluegrass Festival song contest, was a semi-finalist for 2009 in the International Songwriting Competition for Flowers in My Sidewalk. He has played quality rooms like The Yellow Door (Montreal), The Free Times Cafe (Toronto), The Carleton (Halifax) and Club Passim (Cambridge MA). He played at the Times Changed High and Lonesome Club in Winnipeg and lived to write a song about it (12 Steps to Hell).

    Kev will board a Via Rail train on March 8th, and travel through March and April, playing daily on the train and hopping off to play towns all over Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and BC, culminating in a Bluebird North gig in Vancouver on April 20. While onboard, Corbett will be posting as often as reception permits, to his Twitter account (@corbettkev), documenting things with a small video camera, and recording another new album, using the sounds of the train and the people he encounters as his sonic backdrop to capture the feeling of this iconic trip.

    He’ll be back out on the road… this time in a car…for a series of dates in Ontario with Juno Award winner Stephen Fearing in late May.

See tour dates below, and check kevcorbett.com for updates.
For more information on Kev Corbett, visit: http://kevcorbett.com/

Kev Corbett
(902) 403-5150 or email press@kevcorbett.com


Mar 8th – Viarail Halifax-Montreal Train, Activity Car
Mar 9th – Montreal – Burritoville – 2055 r. Bishop – 514 286 2776 – $6/PWYC
Mar 10th – Viarail Montreal-Toronto Train, Activity Car
Mar 10th – Oakville – The Moonshine Cafe – 137 Kerr St. – 905 844 2655 – $6
Mar 11th – Toronto – The Troubadour – 3071 Dundas St. W. 647 345-8807 – 7pm – Free
Mar 12th – Hamilton – The Freeway Coffeehouse – 333 King St E. 905 296 1424 – $6
Mar 15th – Guelph – Jimmy Jazz
Mar 16th – Toronto – C’est What – 67 Front St E. – 416-867-9499 – $6
Mar 18th – Viarail Toronto-Winnipeg Train, Activity Car
Mar 19th – Viarail Toronto-Winnipeg Train, Activity Car
Mar 20th – Winnipeg – Sam’s Place – 159 Henderson Hwy – 204 661 5603 – $6/PWYC
Mar 23rd – Winnipeg – House Concert
Mar 24th – Winnipeg – TBC
Mar 25th – Viarail Winnipeg-Edmonton Train, Activity Car
Mar 26th – Edmonton – The Artery – 9535 Jasper Ave – 780.441.6966 – $TBC
Mar 27th – Canmore – TBC
Mar 28th – Twin Butte AB – House Concert
Mar 30th – Viarail Edmonton-Vancouver Train, Activity Car
Apr 1st – Vancouver – Cocoa Nymph Chocolates – 3739 West 10th Ave – 604 222 4477 – $6
Apr 2nd – Duncan – Duncan Garage Showroom – #201-330 Duncan Street – 250 748 7246 – $6
Apr 3rd – Victoria – House Concert
Apr 4th – Sooke – TBC
Apr 8th – Courtney – Joe’s Garage – 115 5th Street – 250 702-6456 – 8pm – $15
Apr 9th – Ucluelet – Wild Heather Books – 1576 Imperial Lane – 250 726 2665 – $10
Apr 10th – Salt Spring Island – TBC
Apr 15th Nelson, Cocoa-Nut Cafe
Apr 16th – Kamloops – The Art We Are – 201-322 Victoria Street – 250 828 7998 – $6
Apr 17th – Penticton – Fibonacci Cafe – 219 Main St. – 250 770 1913 – $6
April 20th – Vancouver – SAC Bluebird North @ Roundhouse – Davie @ Pacific – 604 713 1800
April 23rd – Viarail Vancouver-Edmonton Train, Activity Car
April 24th – Viarail Edmonton-Winnipeg Train, Activity Car
April 25th – Viarail Winnipeg-Toronto Train, Activity Car
April 26th – Viarail Winnipeg-Toronto Train, Activity Car
April 28th – Viarail Montreal-Halifax Train, Activity Car


Nice to be home!

By geez, have I got stories for you…

I’m just back from a month in Germany, where I was playing bass in Jennifer Roland‘s band, as part of the Irish Folk Festival, which is a gig that’s been traveling around Germany for some 30 years. CRAZY.

We started at the Cologne Philharmonic, the most amazing concert hall.

I got shown a recently discovered hiding place for wartime Jews at our venue in Pforzheim. Played a circus in Munich. Stayed in the Reeperbahn (the world-famous red-light district) in Hamburg, saw Tower of Power (!)…

…then Grandmaster Flash, the same night. Arrived in Berlin the night of the 20th anniversary of the falling of the Wall. Only-on-tour stories, I call’em.

And must say: toured with amazing folks. Besides my colleagues Jenny, Keithy, Buddy and Jason, also had a blast hanging out with Tommy O’Sullivan, Niamh Parsons and Graham Dunne, and The David Munnelly Band. A finer bunch you couldn’t have on the road. I miss ’em all like crazy.

So, now that that’s done, we’re getting back on this record releasing thing. The date is just about confirmed, for mid-January. I’ll have more news before too long…

Hey, if you’re in the Halifax area, I’m playing tonight at the Rose and Kettle, out at the Cole Harbour Heritage Farm. Also, Saturday night, at the Lunenburg County Winery with my dudes Steve Bowers and Fleur Mainville. I haven’t seen either in 6 weeks. Like I said, great to be back.



K, here’s what’s up:

I’m outta here, for awhile. Don’t worry, I’ll be in touch; just on tour f’r a bit, in Germany.

Know anyone there? I’m touring with Jennifer Roland’s band in the Irish Folk Festival, and we’ll be in Cologne, Pforzheim, Rosenheim, Pleinfeld, Landsberg, Munich, Ulm, Stuttgart, Luzerne; Bern, Herisau, and Baden Switzerland; Bochum, Oldenburg, Breda (NL), Kreuztal, Celle, Berlin, Hamburg, Neubrandenburg, Rostock, and Bremerhaven. If you’re over there, maybe we’ll see you. If you’re over here, follow me on Twitter (@corbettkev) and maybe you’ll see me. In lederhosen.


We're moving!

Hey dudes,

Just to let you know, we’re pulling up stake and moving. Outta the city and into a yurt, where we can hang with the deer.

This means, in practical terms, that this site’s gettin’ moved to a different server, so my web guru Mat Dunlap can trick me out with a music player for here, and a bunch of hotbuttons for linkability. Don’t worry. We’re only just gettin’ goin’.

In other news, I’m doing a weeklong hot yoga and beet salad detox. That’s right, we bad.

Oh, hey: I wanna come to your town. Get a hold of our folks at booking at kevcorbett dot com, and we’ll try to put that together, yeah? We’ll do lunch.

Kev xo



Hey gorgeouses,

Had an amazing, amazing time at Lunenburg Folk Fest. The staff and volunteers and the crowds and the other artists just amazed me all around. It was positively utopian. Special thanks to my brother Dan and his partner Michelle for flying in from Thunder Bay, and to my dad and stepmom for coming down to spend the whole weekend with me. It made a meaningful weekend doubly so.

So, it’s out. Finally. And I’m very happy with it. It’ll be on the usual complement of websites over the next few days, but for now, you can get it straight from me, or at Taz Records (1593 Market St Hfx, 422-5976 ), or if you’re in Amherst, at Pugsley’s.

Oh, also, if you have it, lemme know what you think. Kev at kevcorbett dot com. Cool?

See y’soon,
K xo


Comin' right up!

Hey, Beautifuls!

So, the album art’s signed off, mastering’s tomorrow, and we appear to be full steam ahead to the CD RELEASE on Aug 6th at Lunenburg Folk Fest!


It’s called ‘Son of a Rudderless Boat’, has 10 tunes, and a wack of neat moments. I played a lot of it, and brought in friends who do things I can’t (like sing high and play trumpet).

Keep in touch. You’ll hear from me soon…

Live @ The Company House. Photo by Greg Wagner.

Photo by Greg ‘I am the Greggman’ Wagner. Guitar by Morgan.


Hey dudes,

FYI: I’ll be playing twice tonight. First opening up for the fierce and awesome Annabelle Chvostek (www.annabelle.org) at my neighborhood watering hole, the Company House; show’s at 8pm. I’ll then be running over to The Carleton to play with Steve Bowers’s band, at 10 pm. Gonna be great nights at both places. If you make it down, come up and say hi.