K, here’s what’s up:

I’m outta here, for awhile. Don’t worry, I’ll be in touch; just on tour f’r a bit, in Germany.

Know anyone there? I’m touring with Jennifer Roland’s band in the Irish Folk Festival, and we’ll be in Cologne, Pforzheim, Rosenheim, Pleinfeld, Landsberg, Munich, Ulm, Stuttgart, Luzerne; Bern, Herisau, and Baden Switzerland; Bochum, Oldenburg, Breda (NL), Kreuztal, Celle, Berlin, Hamburg, Neubrandenburg, Rostock, and Bremerhaven. If you’re over there, maybe we’ll see you. If you’re over here, follow me on Twitter (@corbettkev) and maybe you’ll see me. In lederhosen.


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