On being married to Steph Domet.

In response to recent Google searches involving my name, and my partner’s:

There are actually two Steph Domets, y’see.

There’s Stephanie Domet the Construct: a public radio show host in a small city on the end of Canada, reading traffic and weather, facilitating discussions on all matter of quotidian water cooler talk, occasionally laughing, playing tunes, alternately playing cat and mouse with someone, usually listening and coming up with the followup question. People develop this one-way relationship with her; this internal monologue where they develop a relationship with the Construct, and it occasionally comes exploding out in either the most effusive ways, or the most batshit-crazy, patronizing, and sometimes downright mean ways (usually without attaching their names in the latter case). People call the answering machine, *losing their minds*, over the pronunciation of a single word, or the formulation of a salutation, or if she takes a day off sick, or comes back from being sick. People approach at the Farmers’ Market, and I do not exist, they address the Construct: you should’ve asked him this, you’re so great, are you getting my emails, I need to talk to you about this thing, here’s what’s wrong with the CBC (like she can change anything?), can you host this thing, I know it’s on your day off, but I figure, you’re on my dime, anyway…

Seriously. The Construct is never, ever allowed to be off the clock, think for itself, have an opinion, or say anything not in your words.

I married Steph Domet the Person. She’s the smartest, coolest, most interested and interesting person in whatever room she walks into. She loves her job (even the crazy people; I’m rather less charitable) and believes deeply in its intrinsic democracy, that not everybody *should* like everything they hear, but she’ll do her best to bring everyone in on this-or-that discussion. She has the brightest eyes in the world, has read more books than anyone I know, is learning to play the piano, writing another book, editing another two, is a stellar cook, gardener, organizer, my favourite roadtripping companion, and my best friend.

Which one would you rather talk with?