Savasanaface (pron. Sha-VA-sun-a-face) is Live Music for hot Yoga classes. It is like nothing else, Beloveds.

What makes it different from most yoga music is that it arises directly from my own practice (here is an interview they did with me), and I play what’s going on in the room. I walk into a space – or, of you’re a festival, maybe a tent – with a very high end electric guitar rig (custom-wired Les Paul, boutique pedals, 4 stereo amps), and it’s a collaboration with the Yoga instructor (who’s probably a local, and if we’re outdoors, would need a discreet PA). If we’re in a resting pose, it’s quiet, floaty. If we’re doing ab crunches and everyone’s working really hard, things might come out a little more tension-and-release. It’s a very dynamic, deep experience for the practitioners, and it goes over very well.

It sounds roughly like this, though it changes every time. Any practitioner should give it a try. (Different instrumental versions will be for sale soon via iTunes.)

(Speaking this class is my friend Vivienne Dineen, from Moksha Yoga in St Catherine’s ON.)

I’ve done this at Moksha locations from Halifax to Vancouver, as well as other studios, and at the North American Folk Alliance in Kansas City. I tour it alongside my solo work. If you instruct, or run a studio, consider this as a special event. You know what live music feels like, and you know what yoga feels like. Multiply those feelings. RIGHT?

All enquiries warmly welcomed.