Torontonians, this one’s for you!

Hey, TOnians!

I don’t do it often, but I’m doin’ it next week- playin’ your town! Any chance you’d wanna stop by?

Monday night, May 16th, 10 pm sharp, I’ll be the guest of the Ladies in Waiting (CindyDoire, Andrea Ramolo, Sarah Burton, Faye Blais, and Sara Fitzpatrick) at their Monday series at Not My Dog on Queen at Jameson. Real psyched: amazing artists, great little spot.


Kev Corbett & Ladies in Waiting
@ Not My Dog, 1510 Queen St W @ Jameson, Toronto.
10pm Cover: Pass the jug!


Tuesday afternoon, I’m playing RootsMusicCanada’s Woodshed Sessons!

These dudes are doing heaven’s work for Canadian Roots Musicians, and I’m honoured to be invited into the sanctum. Might even bring a present for ’em.


Tuesday night, May 17th, 10 pm sharp, I’m splitting a night with my ole buddy Dave Borins at the amazing Tranzac. I’ve always wanted to play here, and Dave’s doing amazing stuff these days. Couldn’t be happier.

Kev Corbett & Dave Borins
@ The Tranzac (Southern Cross Room), 292 Brunswick Ave. Toronto
10 pm Cover: Pass the jug!


For further info, contact kev at kevcorbett dot com.
See ya there?




“That’s a mighty fine CD you (and your friends) have cobbled together. Beauty. Great songs, vivid and evocative rapid fire storylines, sweet and raggedy sounds, and terrific arrangements. Thanks for that.” – Lewis Melville

He likes one fan’s description: Like Cohen, but with a sense of humour; Dylan, without the angst.

People keep telling Kev Corbett he really doesn’t sound like anbody else. He’s a wordy guy with a big heart. A serious guitar picker. A man who loves a great story, especially if it isn’t his. He’s comfortable in his own skin, not a hint of pretense.

He’s experienced, too: he’s got about 20 countries worth of touring under his belt, keeps placing in songwriting competitions, and had opened in the last year for Stephen Fearing, Jill Barber, Ben Sures, and Annabelle Chvostek. But, to hell with musical comparisons: this dude’s a writer. He’s known for the attention-to-the-everyday of an Alice Munro, the attention-to-detail and research of a Robertson Davies, the brutal frankness of a Farley Mowat, the warm-cuddliness of a Peter Gzowski. This year, he toured coast to coast and back by train over two months. Five days later, he set out to do it again.

Kev Corbett is the best kind of folksinger, writing zingers that can veer hilarious, heartbreaking, lusty, pious, political, fighty, thoughtful, wistful, helpful, and/or clever; and then usually throw a self-deprecating monologue on top. It’s hard not to pay attention; stories become songs break down into stories, and you realize he’s not singing about his own life. He’s singing ours.