Happy New Year!

Hey kids,
I read a great piece in the paper this morning – actually, two – about the rituals around the revolution of one year to the next (one pro, one con). This brings one to thinking about how the year’s been, and what the next may hold.

It’s been a great year, thanks to many people. My Person, fans of live music, VIA Rail, many good (and many new) friends, and many supportive clients, bosses, colleagues, and peers. THANK YOU.

I’ve had some really good news about new partnerships for the coming year, things that are booking up, songs coming in, radiolike, ready to emerge. This is gonna be another great year. There is much to celebrate.

I’ll leave you for now with a video, kindly supplied by my friends Andy and Ariana, of a performance at Wolfville, Nova Scotia’s excellent series The Night Kitchen. An amazing song by Chris Wood that I’ve been obsessing over for some time. I hopoe you like it as much as I do.

Thank you. Happy New Year. See ya on the road.