Hey gorgeouses,

Had an amazing, amazing time at Lunenburg Folk Fest. The staff and volunteers and the crowds and the other artists just amazed me all around. It was positively utopian. Special thanks to my brother Dan and his partner Michelle for flying in from Thunder Bay, and to my dad and stepmom for coming down to spend the whole weekend with me. It made a meaningful weekend doubly so.

So, it’s out. Finally. And I’m very happy with it. It’ll be on the usual complement of websites over the next few days, but for now, you can get it straight from me, or at Taz Records (1593 Market St Hfx, 422-5976 ), or if you’re in Amherst, at Pugsley’s.

Oh, also, if you have it, lemme know what you think. Kev at kevcorbett dot com. Cool?

See y’soon,
K xo


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