Oh, how I’ve missed you…

…but this is the deck we’re dealt. I’ve been on tour for what feels like years, there were tech issues with my web doohickey, so I couldn’t post anything. It’s OK. I’m OK. How are you?

So, since we last reported back, I’ve been road-ing. I went to a great festival called Celtic Connections in Glasgow, Scotland at the end of January, a a bassist for a friend’s band, then whirlwind gigs in Manchester, London, and Cardiff. Then flew to Toronto, where I met my sweetie and we toured Ontario together for two weeks together on a Home Routes tour. They’re a fantastic organization. It was two weeks worth of house concerts – 13 shows in 14 days – and it was the first time my darlin’ ever came on a tour with me. It was great: we got to drive around pretty, snowy Ontario together for a couple of weeks, and she also got a good dose of what it’s actually like on tour. It’s tiring! By day 3, she was all, ‘This is f*cking hard work, isn’t it?’. Ha.

Also: Don Ross and Brooke Miller. Amazing folks, and I’m playing with ’em tonight. We’ve been rehearsing every day for two weeks. I’ll post video.

K, gotta run. Back soon.