Thanks to Jimmie Inch, Glen MacIsaac, and Ian ‘Slim’ McInnis for this. More to come. Keep an eye on my YouTube channel.

Quick news, folks: I’ll be leaving home soon for another humdinger of a tour, about 6 weeks long. That is 6 weeks too long away from one’s Person, but we do it so you don’t have to. I’ll first drive to Toronto for the North American Folk Alliance, playing electric guitar with Roots Reggae band Andru Branch and Halfway Tree. FA is a massive conference. It’s like Old Home Week for folkies.

After that, go West, young man.

I have the insane privilege of doing another Home Routes house concert tour; this time in a loop through northern Alberta and Saskatchewan. It’ll be 13 dates in 14 days. Check out the Dates section above. Then, I fly to Vancouver and meet up with my pal Stephen Fearing, and we’ll work our way back across the frozen Prairie, to Winnipeg.

April, dates around the Maritimes. May, I go to Guelph, Ontario, to begin work on my new studio record, which should probably come out in November. I’m really excited, and writing like crazy right now, to have enough material to pick from.

In the meantime, it’s a slow, stewy, cold winter, and I’m woodshedding reggae and writing. Life is good.

Drop by my Facebook page and let me know how it’s going, yeah?